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We are more than an Exchange.

We do more!
You enjoy the following while using our secured Platform. Own a Bitcoin wallet, store as much BTC as you desire at no fee, exchange them for Naira at will with instant withdrawal to your Naira local bank accounts and many more.
Such as Premium Gift cards for Naira Trades, payment of Utility bills, and Real time alerts and updates on Cryptocurrency Market Trends. Easily access your transactions, check history and track activities on the go.
Our Offerings

Here are what you can do with Apex Network.

01 Sell Bitcoin
Get the best value for your Bitcoin, we give you the most reliable platform to exchange your Bitcoins in whatever volume for cash in local currency.
Sell Gift Cards
Sell your iTunes, google play, stream, vanilla and all forms of gift cards easily without stress, receiving your exchange naira value in no time!
03 Instant Exchange
Look no further, you indeed got to the right place to have your Bitcoin and Gift cards exchange into Cash immediately, just like that!
04 Withdraw Immediately
Quick Cash Alerts on your local commercial bank accounts at the click of button is what you get while trading with us.

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