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sell your btc for cash at Apex Network

Sell Bitcoin

Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency that is widely recognized and used across various digital payment platforms. It is a widely acceptable means of payment for various products and services.

At Apex Network, we provide you with a secured wallet and easy-to-use system that allows you to deposit, transfer and exchange for cash that you can withdraw into your local bank account immediately.

Our Bitcoin to Naira exchange is automatic. What we mean is that there is no wait time.

easy to sell your gift cards to Apex Network

Sell Gift Cards

Digital assets such as Itunes, Amazon, Google Play, stream, vanilla and all kinds of gift cards are rapidly becoming a means of exchange. It is also becoming a widely accepted, fast, and suitable asset for transactional purpose.

At Apex network, we provide a platform that allows you to instantly exchange various kinds of gift cards and get your money paid instantly to your Naira wallet, where you can withdraw to your local bank easily whenever you want to. We offer you exchange at best rates.

buy and sell your gadgets with Apex Network

Buy & Sell Gadgets

Gadgets such as smartphones like iPhones, Samsung and all other android devices, phone accessories, and electronic gadgets have become of primary use daily to individuals. At the same time, there are also the challenges of low-quality products that are not durable.

At Apex Network, we ensure that your gadgets needs are met. You get high-quality gadgets that are durable. We ensure to test the quality and durability of our gadgets so you get value for your money.

Buy gadgets at affordable prices from our stores and enjoy quality at its peak. Our prompt delivery service makes your gadgets available in less than 48 hours after purchase.